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Our 4 Pillars Concept and the Symbiosis of Integrative Medicine and Dentistry

At the Alpstein Clinic we practice Integrative Biological Medicine and Biological Dentistry using our 4 Pillars Concept

Diagnosis of Root Causes

The Alpstein Clinic comprehensive health assessment includes a detailed medical history, holistic clinical examination, and diagnostic techniques and laboratory tests. In our quest to uncover the underlying root causes of disease we utilize specialty labs and tools to assess toxic loads (heavy metals, hormonedisrupting chemicals such as plastics and pesticides and other environmental toxins), interference fields and dental issues, vitamin, mineral and micronutrient deficiencies, food allergies and intolerances, digestion and the individual microbiome, hormone disturbances, infections, stress and the autonomic nervous system.

Our treatments and therapies work to reduce the underlying root causes, strengthening and regenerating the pathways and functions throughout the whole body. Our therapeutic approach utilizes the strengths of holistic, biological and evidence-based treatments providing comprehensive, state-of-the-art care. Individualized treatment plans include the optimal use of natural, leading-edge therapies and the highest quality natural remedies.

The care of the whole person—body, mind and spirit—and bringing our patients into harmony is our priority.

  • Toxic loads

    Toxins, whether self-produced (endogenous) or externally absorbed (exogenous), are critical cofactors in cancers and many diseases. Identifying toxic loads and starting the detoxification process are essential components of the Alpstein Clinic approach.

  • Interference Fields Medicine/Dentistry

    Interference fields (also known as neuromodulatory triggers) are often found in the head, intestines, abdominal organs and scars. These triggers can effect the whole body, especially the nervous system, leading to disturbances in the body’s tissues, biochemical and energetic systems. At the Alpstein Clinic we specialize in uncovering and treating these triggers to help restore the healthy balance of the body. Our whole body approach includes assessing the mouth and dental history which are important factors in overall health. Metals and bacterial infections can adversely effect the health of the whole body.

  • Deficiencies and malnutrition

    Industrial agriculture, food manufacturing, modern diets and lifestyles all contribute to digestive disorders and deficiencies in essential nutrients necessary for our bodies to function optimally and with vitality. Leaky gut syndrome, food intolerances and allergies, and intestinal microbial imbalances contribute to nutrient malabsorption. The Alpstein Clinic works to correct these deficiencies and support the body with healthy nutrition and appropriate supplementation.

  • The Terrain of the Body

    Just like plants in a garden, our bodies need the right terrain—soil, water, air, bacteria, nutrients —to grow and flourish. At the Alpstein Clinic we evaluate the body’s terrain by testing acidalkaline balance, oxidative stress, blood, the autonomic nervous system and how the body responds to stress, as well as other biochemical markers. With this knowledge, we can help the body move from an unhealthy terrain to one that can flourish and thrive.

Purification and Release

Purification and Release Identifying toxic loads and starting the detoxification process are essential components of the Alpstein Clinic approach. Based on the results of the initial root cause analysis, an individual treatment plan is created and gradually implemented, adapted to the patient's healing capacity. Through special infusions, specific supplement programs, heat therapy (hyperthermia), intestinal rehabilitation and cleansing, we initiate the process of reducing and eliminating the toxins detected in the diagnostics.

  • Colon cleansing and organ relief

    Stimulating the detoxification capabilities of the body is an important component of bringing the body back into balance. At the Alpstein Clinic we offer a number of therapies that help the body reduce its toxic load and support the intestinal and cleansing systems of the body.

  • Dental restoration

    At the Alpstein Clinic we provide metal-free dentistry, as well as treatment of chronic inflammation, gum loss and jawbone inflammation. Left untreated, these dental issues can develop into interference fields (neuromodulative triggers), but with our appropriate therapies we can attenuate or eliminate these potential trigger zones.

  • Detoxification at all levels

    Through years of experience we have learned that toxins are not just physical. At the Alpstein clinic we also encourage and incorporate the release of psycho-emotional toxins and challenges for deep health and healing.

  • Optimization of the milieu

    Cellular health is directly related to the terrain or inner milieu. We work to improve the inner milieu to provide the optimal environment for wellness and vitality.

  • Holistic pain therapy

    In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), pain is the expression of “blocked energy". There are many natural and holistic approaches to controlling pain without the use of chemicals and pharmaceutical medicines that have side-effects.

Regeneration and Rejuvenation

  • Strengthening the defense and organ structure

    With a wide range of biological and holistic immune therapies, organ function and the entire immune system can be strengthened and stimulated.

  • Naturopathic system renewal

    Naturopathic system renewal is aimed at the optimization of functional chains, system circuits and the physical-mental-spiritual total constitution. It is about achieving a noticeably higher level of health.

  • Bite and chew function

    Occlusal/bite symmetry, optimal setting of TMJ (temporomandibular) joints and treatment of bruxism (teeth grinding) are very important in relieving stomatognathic (anatomic system comprising teeth, jaws and associated soft tissues) blockages and irritations, which in turn can cause pain, tension, and systemic regulatory impediments.

  • Cell renewal/regeneration and natural beauty

    Almost all cells, tissues and organs have the ability for constant renewal and regeneration. These natural processes can be stimulated by organ cell extracts according to the Nobel Prizewinning "Homing effect". Another stimulator of healing and regeneration is platelet-rich plasma (PRP). This can be applied locally and used for aesthetics such as biolifting.

Harmonization and Awareness

  • Energy Balance

    The mitochondria are the powerhouses of energy production in the cells and require a healthy terrain. In addition, balance of our energy systems is critical for optimal health. Everyone should also find individual sources of strength and seek a balance of their energy systems.

  • Synchronization of body, mind, soul

    Synchronization of the patient’s body, mind, and soul is essential for health. We consider a patient’s constitution and life history and work to restore harmony to all biological levels.

  • Harmony in family and generation

    A vital source of health and disease support is the family. Unfortunately, often as a result of our modern way of life, this is no longer the case and requires adjustment and harmonization efforts.

  • Appreciation and feeling connected with life

    The source of our life energy is our greatest gift. We encourage attention to the roots of our beginnings and our connection to the natural world. Complete recovery and health are only possible in the long term through the added appreciation of oneself and one's living space. In addition to our medical services, we help patients re-connect to the natural environment. With the assistance of our friendly staff, access to clean air and water, and our full complement of holistic therapies, we facilitate an awareness of nature and your health.

    The greatest benefits occur with harmonization of all biological levels—body, mind and spirit—the active participation of the patient in the treatment process and an increasing consciousness of well-being.