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Becoming a Patient

We would love to welcome you to the Alpstein Clinic. The first step in becoming a patient is to fill out the form below. Once received, one of our Patient Coordinators will be in touch with you to answer questions and provide detailed information about scheduling and the preparation of your personalized treatment plan and program.

  • American Medical Health Alliance

    The Alpstein Clinic does not accept health insurance. If your health insurance coverage includes out-of-network and international care, you may want to see if you can receive reimbursement from your insurance company for some of your medical expenses at the clinic. The American Medical Health Alliance (AMHA) may be able to assist you. We are not affiliated with AMHA, but have found that some patients are able to get some expenses reimbursed by working with them. AHMA offers free consultations.

    American Medical Health Alliance LLC. (AMHA) specializes in helping patients who pay-out-pocket for "Alternative/Holistic" medical care obtain reimbursements on FDA approved aspects of their care from their insurance payers. AMHA has been assisting Americans who elect to receive this care both domestically and internationally for over twenty-years. AMHA works on a contingency fee of 20% based on any successful insurance reimbursement. If AMHA does not successful obtain an insurance reimbursement, then nothing is paid to AMHA.

    Filing claims for out-of-network providers is a slippery slope and restoring a patient’s out-of-pocket medical costs can prove difficult without the right tools. The process requires time, knowledge of claims processing, thorough communication skills, and record keeping. Many patients struggle with their insurers simply because they do not understand all the elements involved. Therefore, having a dedicated Insurance Reimbursement Advocate who understands the complex issues associated with insurance reimbursement is essential for success. Contact AMHA for a FREE insurance evaluation at 1-800-221-0817 or visit our website www.amhabilling.com.

    Download here the AMHA Welcome Packet.

Patient Registration Form

Please complete the Patient Registration Form and submit it to use before your first appointment.

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As for our Swiss patients, your medical invoices will be mailed through billing distributer MediPort Switzerland. Your medical invoices will be sent directly to your health insurance (except fees and charges not covered by your health services).

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