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Our Biological Dentistry "4 Pillars Concept"

Recognizing the intrinsic connection between the health of our mouth and jaw with our whole body, the Alpstein Clinic’s Integrative Biological Dentistry uses evidence-based integrative methods for the prevention and treatment of all dental issues. Following our 4 Pillars Concept, our dentistry covers Diagnosis of Root Causes, Purification and Release, Regeneration and Rejuvenation, and Harmonization and Awareness. Our medical and dental teams work together to bring the body back into health and harmony. Please see the FOCUS and BIOLOGICAL MEDICINE pages for more details about our approach.

Diagnosis of Root Causes

  • Diagnosis of influencing factors/neuromodulative triggers

    • Evaluation of the mouth and jaw OPT (dental panoramic x-ray)
    • Physical examination

Purification and Release

  • Relief and drainage of dental foci (field of disturbances)

    • Tooth cleaning - oral hygiene (prevention & cleaning, gingivitis therapy)
    • Systemic periodontal therapya nd risk analysis (established therapy for periodontitis)
    • Dental rehabilitation
      • Metal removal under state-of-the-art safety measures
      • Removal of root canal treated teeth or dead teeth
      • Removal of impacted wisdom teeth and chronic bone inflammation
      • Removal of implants causing perimplantitis
    • Accompanying therapies before and after dental procedures

Regeneration and Rejuvenation

  • Bite regeneration and function through biostimulation

    • Metal-free restorations
    • Myofunctional orthodontics
    • Removable or removable-fixed or fixed restorations
    • Hard and soft tissue management
    • Therapeutic approaches for craniomandibular dysfunction
    • Anti-Aging/Facelift or wrinkle smoothing

Harmonization and Awareness

  • Harmonisation and awareness

    At the Alpstein Clinic we utilize the synergy of integrative biological medicine and dentistry to shift the health of the whole body. We see these effects in:

    • Chronic systemic diseases
    • Cancers (early stage)
    • Autoimmune diseases
    • Synchronization of body, mind and soul