Coronavirus: Whole Body Medicine – The New Frontier

What does top notch research state? A view at current conventional therapeutic approaches and possibilities to balance our immune system holistically.

With deep gratitude we would like to thank many readers for the praise and feedbacks. Of course, this allowed us to stay motivated and continue the concept of objectivity, science and reasoning without polemics or conspiracy theories with today's 3rd update on our Corona Virus newsletter. You will probably have to read it several times as it is quite detailed. But it gives you a great chance to understand the complete picture and look much deeper into cellular processes and immunological functions even over the upcoming Easter Holidays. For non-medical professionals, we have inserted summaries for almost every chapter. Let yourself be introduced to the world of immunology and infectology and be amazed at how much our beloved whole-body medicine has evidence-based knowledge ready to be applied. The proven 4-step concept of the Alpstein Clinic is also ideally suited to address the special topic of viral infections as in term of preventive measures but also for acute and follow-up treatments.

We are happy to give you information on naturopathic prevention of the coronavirus problem by telephone every day from 8-12 am.

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