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Certified continuing educational programs

The Alpstein Clinic is committed to facilitating education and training for medical students and established physicians and practitioners, as well as developing an Eastern Switzerland network of Integrative Biological Medicine and Dentistry. A variety of courses are offered onsite, online and in other countries such as the U.S. and Germany.

  • Medicine

    • Guest students: Doctors, naturopathic doctors, therapists (part-time and full-time) from home and abroad
    • In-house courses: Vital blood microscopy (intensive one day course with a maximum of 3 participants)
    • Online seminars (webinare): Via the ebi- academy and the isg-academy
    • Attendance courses via external providers and specialty communities in the areas of:
      • Integrative biological cancer medicine (Society for Biological Cancer Defense)
      • Umfangreiche Palette an Vorträgen (Deutsch und Englisch) in allen relevanten Themenbereichen der integrativ-biologischen Medizin im Rahmen
      • Gruppenangebote für vegetarische und vegane Ernährung von unseren Ernährungsberatern und -wissenschaftlern inklusive Kochkurse
    • Neural therapy (SANTH and IFMANT companies)
    • Vital blood microscopy in the dark field (ebi-academy and Interest Group Darkfield Microscopy)
    • Laboratory diagnostics in biological medicine
    • Biological treatment of osteoarthritis
    • Holistic pain therapy
    • Hyperthermia and fever therapy
    • Pediatric, adolescent and family medicine
    • The lymphatic system
    • Phytotherapy with medicinal plants
    • Toxins as a major cause of chronic diseases and cancer
    • Integrative biological treatment of modern diseases (burnout, chronic fatigue, Lyme disease, restless legs, fibromyalgia, chronic viral infections, cholesterol problem, fibromyalgia syndrome)
    • Systemic procaine base therapy and ProcCluster® (infusion, injection, capsules, ointment)
    • Systemische Procain-Basen-Therapie und ProcCluster® (Infusion, Injektion, Kapseln, Salbe)
    • Extensive range of lectures (German and English) in all relevant topics of integrative biological medicine at/in:
      • National and international congresses
      • Doctors and therapist groups
      • Information events
      • Lay associations and interest groups
      • Day care centers, schools, professional colleges
    • Vegetarian and Vegan nutrition classes by our nutrition counselors and scholar, including cooking classes
  • Dentistry

    Training center in biological integrative medicine for cooperations Trainings in these areas enable interdisciplinary cooperation between our center and the doctor on site. There will be certification course in surgery and prosthetics in cooperation with CAMLOG* for:

    • Integrative biological medicine (doctors)
    • Integrative biological dentistry (dentists, maxillo-facial surgeons)
    • Environmental medicine (doctors and naturopathic doctors)
    • Lectures for societies (in-house)
    • Lectures for self-help groups (in-house)
    • Lectures and training for professional groups (in-house)
    • Presentations for kindergarten and day-care center regarding environmental medicine, prevention and screening
    • Open house day at the center

    *The certificate course covers the two areas of surgery and prosthetics.

    1. Surgery
      • General surgical basics
      • Incompatibility and their diagnosis
      • Biological Dentistry
      • Metal-free dental implants
    2. Prosthetics
      • General prosthetic basics
      • Biological dentistry
      • Incompatibilities and their diagnosis
      • Removal/Reregulation
      • Metal free dentistry
      • Implementation and application possibilities
  • Neutral Therapy and Intergrative Biological Medicine Seminar

    Neural Therapy (NT) is one of the most effective and safe therapeutic modalities and is becoming more requested by patients in the US and Canada. It is well combined and is part of Integrative Biological Medicine (IBM). Knowledge of these disciplines will allow you to become an exceptional, highly demanded practitioner.

    This course is designed for MD’s, DO’s, DDS’s, DVM’s, ND’s, PA’s, and NP’s who are interested in honing their skills in evolving fields, learning better diagnostic and treatment techniques aimed at restoring complex patients health.

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