What you can expect from us.

We look at the person as a whole and bring together a variety of complementary medical diagnostic and therapeutic methods, regardless of whether the treatment is relatively simple or the patient suffers from profound chronic symptoms.

Dentistry also plays an important role in the treatment of physical disorders. Through energy channels in our body, the so-called meridians, the teeth are connected to the body’s organs. Therefore, the causes of physical complaints can often be found in the teeth.

For us, holistic medicine means that we not only look at the body, but also involve your living environment, together with you. Environmental burdens, mental pressure or stress can increase symptoms. If environmental burdens are reduced, or even eliminated, this has a positive effect on healing success.

As a rule, we use a four-stage approach in our clinic:

1. Cause Analysis

In the first stage, we analyze the possible causes of your symptoms together with you. We examine possible toxic loads, environmental factors, deficiencies, malnutrition and stress factors. This is followed by a comprehensive physical examination, as well as further diagnostic measures such as blood, stool, saliva and urine examinations, thermography and others.

2. Release and relief

The second stage concentrates on a balanced internal environment for the body, which forms the basis for later healing success. Important methods here are, for example, dental restoration, the rehabilitation of the intestine, or a detoxification of the organs – especially the liver. In this phase, holistic pain therapy can be a crucial means to control pain without the use of medications, rich in side effects, from conventional medicine.

3. Regeneration and biostimulation

The third stage is all about regeneration. The humoral (antibody-mediated immune response) and cellular (primarily T lymphocyte-mediated immune response) defense are stimulated by a wide range of non-specific and specific immune stimulants. The stimulation and vitalization of all organs and physical structures is important to us.

4. Harmonization and awareness

The fourth stage focuses on bringing the levels of body, mind and soul back into harmony. Full health is only possible in the long term if we value and accept ourselves. We offer you an environment in which to find the way to yourself and to thereby open up new sources of energy.


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