Homoeopathy is a holistic treatment method that regards the human being as an inseparable unity of body, mind and soul. The basis for a homeopathic treatment is therefore a comprehensive conversation, in which the medical history is collected and a comprehensive examination of the patient is carried out.

First and foremost, homeopathy tries to activate and support the self-healing powers of the body, with the aim of treating the cause of the disease rather than its symptoms. A homeopathic remedy is selected based on what we call the principle of similarity. This states that a substance which causes a disease symptom in a healthy person can cure a patient with the same symptom.

Homeopathic remedies are taken in the form of beads, also known as globules, or in the form of drops. The basis of a homeopathic remedy is a mother tincture, which is made from a vegetable, mineral, animal or metallic raw material. This mother tincture is potentiated by diluting and shaking, where the potency is chosen based on the individual needs of the patient. A well-chosen homeopathic remedy has the advantage that it can act very quickly on acute complaints, something that also makes homeopathy helpful in the treatment of children. Classic indications in acute cases are:

  • Cold, fever and flu, runny nose, as well as allergic rhinitis
  • Vomiting, diarrhea or constipation
  • Acute pain, such as trauma, or as part of an inflammatory process such as dental inflammation, dermatitis or insect bites.

In principle, all types of acute complaints can be treated homeopathically, whereby the remedies can also be successfully applied by laymen.

For chronic ailments or chronic diseases, homeopathy is a very good way to activate the body's self-healing powers. However, chronic diseases should only be treated by experienced therapists. Indications of chronic complaints are:

  • Mood disorders, psychosomatic complaints
  • Concentration disorders, ADHD
  • Susceptibility to infections with a weakened immune system, etc.

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