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About the Congress

Swiss Alternative Medicine (SAM) is pleased to organise its first international congress, aiming to contribute to the edifice of global health by addressing the challenges related to the treatment of non-communicable or chronic diseases.

In line with the UN SDGs 2030 Goal 3 (Health) and 4 (Education), SAM has taken a bold step in launching this first international platform to encourage dialogue and action among healthcare professionals and academics.

The overall goal is to adopt integrative scientific protocols and methodologies in gathering empirical evidence from oncology practices and medicine around the world to initiate a new ethical paradigm in sustainable patient healthcare.

For this purpose, SAM advocates for an "ethical and sustainable approach to health" and has chosen the theme of "integrative oncology" as the first health issue. Committed to our holistic approach, we put the patient at the heart of our priority by delivering comprehensive tailored solutions according to his/her needs during the different stages of their disease.

This congress includes the perspective of prevention and education so as to raise public awareness about the importance of establishing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle from an early age. In partnership with World Health Innovation Summit (WHIS), SAM, which represents WHIS in Switzerland, is implementing their health education program for children.

This unique three-day congress is intended for healthcare professionals, policy makers, academics and medical and natural science students, as well as the patients themselves. Our experts will present their methods, work and clinical experiences in cancer prevention, treatment and monitoring follow-up care, providing patients with a better understanding of the disease in order to regain their well-being.

We are very grateful and happy to count more than 30 international speakers to our congress and 150 participants have already expressed a keen interest in attending our event.

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