Veranstaltungen und Seminare

Integrative European Medicine and Dentistry Seminar

It is an honor and privilege to announce Europe’s most comprehensive Integrative Medicine & DentistrySeminar to be held at the newly established Alpstein Clinic. This is the first biological medicine seminar ofits kind where a limited group of doctors and practitioners will not only train and gain practical, hands-onexperience – but will also be invited to receive personalized health treatments and assessments. It’s truly alife-changing and career-enhancing opportunity.Being on-site at Alpstein Clinic means gaining access to the latest integrative methodologies, advancements,andworld-classequipment. International colleagues who visit the Alpstein Clinic have been requesting theopportunity to explore, experience, and receive personalized health treatments and tests (while on site withus) that will not only deepen and broaden the practical approach and understanding of best practices – butwillalso allow them to receive their own evidence-based health overviews and analyses. Optionally, youhave the possibility to make even experience with personalized diagnosticsand treatments.We are delighted to offer this to you.

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