Our offering is based on the best available scientific knowledge. In addition, wherever possible and meaningful, our treatment concepts draw on our wealth of experience from complementary medicine. The many years of experience of our physicians and therapists, together with interdisciplinary exchange, are important cornerstones for the best possible treatment outcomes. Our primary focus is on the treatment of the whole family – from infancy to adulthood – because some diseases can only be explained in the context of the family.

Voices of our patients

The way, how we help our patients.

Kate Reid

Vancouver, Canada
In the Alpstein Clinic we were cared for and treated at the highest level in biological medicine/dentistry - as individuals with the greatest care and compassion.

Adam Witt and family

Visiting the Alpstein clinic has been a life changing experience. All the team go above and beyond to make you feel like you are part of their family.

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